Whangamata has been a Kiwi surfing favourite for years, the legendary surf break provides the perfect combination in an awesome setting. Together with the Whangamata Surf Shop you have everything you need, from surf lessons, to awesome gear & equipment for sale & hire!    

Whangamata is well known for its surf break and panoramic views. Whangamata Surf Shop provides all your surfing needs including sales of gear and boards, gear hire and our awesome LearnToSurf options. We can easily be found in Whangamata's main street - look for the orange building opposite Subway!

If you need a place to crash while your in Whangamata, why not take a look on Whangmata's Bach Care site!




Where to Surf

If you haven't surfed in Whangamata yet - your missing out!


Whangamata has a world class break with a legendary bar for experienced surfers - it features a truly world class left hander. Not a pro? Don't sweat it, Whangamata's beach is suitable for everyone your first ride through to the ride of your life.


Feel like exploring? Head in any direction from Whangamata for a day trip and you will find beach after beach of different surfing conditions right around the Coromandel.





Where to Go

What to do when your not surfing? Easy! Whangamata has an awesome food, coffee & shopping scene - with Whangamata Surf Shop right at the heart of it. With plenty of cafe's, restaurants and bars Whangamata has you covered when you decide to leave the water.  For more info visit the Whangamata Information Website www.whangamata.co.nz

What more could you want? Awesome surf, an awesome Surf Shop, good food, good drink and most importantly awesome people - all on your doorstep here in Whangamata!